Problems: Solved

Problem Solving Flowchart

Problem Solving Blueprint

It's not that I'm so smart, it's just
that I stay with problems longer.

  - A. Einstein


Conrad Consulting is your technical consulting source for Product, Process and System improvement and innovation.

Conrad Consulting is a unique consulting company specializing in the investigation and resolution of challenging technical problems associated with the concept, specification, analysis, design, prototyping, implementation, testing and operation of new and existing Products, Processes and Systems.

Faster, Better, Cheaper - Or Just the Latter?

Competitive pressure is driving the need to find new ways of doing business and to face challenging problems that may have been disregarded or overlooked in the past. Times have changed.

Product planners, industrial designers, technical analysts, manufacturing and process engineers, quality managers, system analysts and software developers have all heard the familiar management edicts:

  • Increase functionality, performance, quality
  • Decrease cost, time, risk
  • Or else …

The challenge is not just how to do it cheaper, but to develop and maintain a reasonable balance of all-around improvement. Of course, if your challenges were easy, they would already be solved.

Conrad Consulting has the technical expertise to help you face and solve your challenging problems.

Problem Characteristics

These are some typical characteristics of the problems we investigate:

  • Not well understood
  • Difficult to observe, measure or characterize
  • Many factors with complex interactions
  • Span technical disciplines
  • Objectives are beyond current capabilities
  • Require new approaches
  • All of the above

Conrad Consulting expects each engagement will be different. Every problem will require extensive work. Some problems may require unusual knowledge, skills and resources. Some may require innovation. Some may even be impossible with available technology. We understand this.