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Stone on wood with water drops

Playin' with Rays

By Charles J. Conrad

I have been interested in computer graphics for many years. Initially, my interests were academic and professional, primarily focusing on CAD and technical analysis. As time went on, my interests expanded as I began to experiment with image and video processing, solid modeling, scene construction and rendering, animation, VRML, etc.

Sometimes my interests were employment motivated: More Pretty Pictures!, the salesmen would scream as a proposal deadline approached. Actually, I often couldn't understand the salesmen, but they were usually screaming something.

Sometimes I was just experimenting, to see what I could do. Of course, these days everyone seems to be a computer graphics whiz, and Photoshoppers are a dime a dozen. This proliferation has not diminished my interests, though, and I still enjoy the creative imaging process.

One benefit of having a web site is that it provides a convenient art gallery to exhibit some of my Pretty Pictures. Of course, clever captions are de rigueur. I have more pictures, so I'll try to rotate them periodically.

Royal Slider on a Gold Torus

Dokusu Supreme

Dokusu Supreme
Limited edition

Dokusu is a Sudoku inspired game that is topologically a slider on a torus. Of course, every game needs to have a deluxe limited edition version, so here it is, complete with a gold torus. Or maybe it is a ring. Regardless, it is a perfect gift for the royalty in your life.

More information about Dokusu can be found here: Dokusu


Golf ball on gold tee

Sport for Kings
Lead crystal golf ball on gold tee,
unknown purity

Golf ball on marble tee

Sport for Commoners
Glass golf ball on marble tee

Golf is already an expensive game, so why not really indulge! I can't recall ever seeing a crash analysis of steel or titanium (or even wood) impacting fine crystal at high velocity. Experience suggests massive failure. Much better than a piñata.

Marble Sinc

Marble sinc

Marble sinc
Three-dimensional sinc function in marble
with stylish spiral cuts.

Doesn't this just scream haute decor. An analytically inspired lavatory, the pinnacle of design. Who needs function when form reigns supreme. Mathematical sculpture, not for the masses.

Educational Note

sinc(x) = sin(x)/x
lim x->0 sinc(x) = 1

The sinc function appears in a surprising number of mathematical contexts, but suprisingly few interior design catalogs.

Virtual Headquarters

Lobby sign

Virtual Lobby Sign
Chrome on wood with exquisite lighting and shadow detail

Virtual headquarters are so much easier to decorate than their physical counterparts. This classy chrome and wood sign is hanging in my virtual lobby for all my virtual customers to see. Now, where is that light switch?