Soccer goal picture 1

Jr. soccer goal assembled

Soccer goal picture 2

Top detail showing rust

Soccer goal picture 3

Side detail showing safety padding

Jr. Soccer Goal Plan

By Charles J. Conrad

My children have played and I have coached youth soccer for a number of years. Some time ago, I decided we needed a semi-portable soccer goal that could be used in the backyard and at practices, if necessary. I looked around for one, but couldn't find a goal that was cheap, durable and portable. The other attribute I was interested in was modular. That is, I wanted to be able to change the size of the goal without a lot of effort. I didn't really need on-the-fly sizing. Rather, I was looking for season-to-season adjustment.

At the time, our local soccer league was using PVC junior goals. I really didn't like them, although they were cheap. It occurred to me that I should be able to achieve a similar design using iron pipe and fittings that would be much more durable, but not significantly more expensive. The trick was how to make it portable or, at least, transportable. I worked out a design for a 10 ft. wide by 6 ft. high goal and built it. It has proven to be incredibly durable and breaks down into four pieces for transport and storage.

It is easy to change the width and height by using different length pipe. It can probably be extended to a 12 ft. width as designed. Greater widths probably require a center support for the crossbar. The design shown has no backstays, so there is zero top depth. It would be very easy to add backstays and a back crossbar, but it would increase the weight. For my purposes, none of this is essential.

Quite a few people have seen it over the years and have expressed interest in it. As a youth sports coach and supporter, consider it my donation to the cause.

I would like to pass along one helpful trick. If the goal is going to be up for an extended period in a damp environment, you should grease the coupling threads before assembly. This will keep them from rusting together. I use white lithium grease, but I'm sure other types will also work.

The soccer goal plan may be downloaded and freely reproduced and redistributed for non-commercial use.

CCI Soccer Goal 05B Plan

Have fun!