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What is NetTime?

NetTime is a tool for accessing and displaying reference time from network sources that support NTP (Network Time Protocol). Typically, the network time sources are either UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time sources or are synchronized to UTC time sources.

NetTime is especially useful for checking and setting clocks and watches around the:

  • Home
  • Office, School, Factory
  • Car, Truck, RV, Bus
  • Boat, Plane

to standard time. However, since NetTime can use a time source that is not UTC synchronized, NetTime can also be used to set clocks to an arbitrary network time reference.

NetTime can also be used as a basic network diagnostic tool. NetTime diagnostic information includes network availability, name resolution, and roundtrip network delay measurement.

Key features:

  • Two selectable, configurable time sources
  • Displays local and UTC time
  • Name resolution bypass
  • Source precision reporting
  • Roundtrip delay reporting
  • Device time error
  • Detailed status indication
  • Persistent network connection not required
  • Works with WiFi and WWAN connections


NetTime is available now for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store.
NetTime on the App Store